In short form: we’re two moms and a sassy toddler, who we’ll call Jaybird. Uno is a social worker extraordinaire and J’s bio-mom. Deux, your main attraction blogger, is a writer and part-time teacher who started this blog back when we were trying to conceive Jaybird. We have moved far too many times since J’s birth but are now settled in the Pacific Northwest with a steep hill for a backyard and no plans to budge. We write about queer familymaking, parenting, non-gestationality, and sometimes totally unrelated life happenings.

Welcome! We’d love to make connections with other two-mom families. And anyone interested in whatever we ramble about in this space, for that matter.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. This is the ferst time I have read your bio and I vote “yes” on moving to the PNW! You’ll already know other two mom families. How great would that be?

    1. And our babies would be the same age, almost exactly. Hello, play dates! It’s fate! Seattle is def. in the plans, maybe a year from now? My fam is dying for it…just have to plan on the job front.

  2. Hi mamas, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been reading your blog for a while – and literally teared up when you got your BFP! I think that was when I knew I wanted to join the two-mom blog gang. So I’m finally writing in addition to reading! Congratulations and I look forward to following the rest of your journey.

    Motherdragon (Ruby)

  3. Wow! That means so much- so very, very sweet and we wish you the best of luck! Going to read yours right now… Godspeed! xox

  4. Hello! I don’t know how I’ve missed your blog for so long – I’d been reading 2 mom TTC, pregnancy and baby blogs for 2 years now with a near obsession, yet I only just blogrolled my way over here.

    Your baby is just a gorgeous little chunk! I’ve enjoyed catching up on the last few posts.

    We can’t wait for our own little one to join our family!

  5. Hi, thanks for following my blog, glad you found it, can you remember where?
    I’ll now have to go have a good browse around your blog and learn a bit more about your journey. Hope you are enjoying have a riffle through mine 🙂

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